Green Well

What is a Green Well?

The Green Well is basically a Wood-Generator. It automatically generates wood for you and your colleagues.

How can I build a Green Well?

Well, the Green Well is one of the simplest and easiest Construct which you can build in MixIsland.

This is what you’ll need:

  • 8 Wood Logs (can be any type, even mixed up)
  • 1 Waterbucket
  • 1 Seed
  • 160 Secrets

The structure in the MixIsland Dictionary looks like this:

This is the base structure of the Green Well
  1. Place all 8 wood logs in a 3×3 circle
  2. In the middle you can now place the water
  3. Then you are able to activate it with 1 seed and 160 Secrets.

If this green text appears

The Green Well has depth 1

then you did everything right 🙂

If it’s successful, it will look like this.

How it works

After the activation, the Green Well begins to spawn flowers in a 1 by 1 radius.
Each time it successfully spawns a flower, it will drop a wood log. So you have to maintain it regularly.
The Green Well only can spawn flowers either on dirt, grass or in pods.


You can upgrade this construct with seeds and secrets. The costs will increase on each level.

The higher the level of the Green Well is, the more frequently it will spawn wood. And it also increases the flower spawn range by one.

Tipps and Tricks

You can place a hopper underneath the water. If it’s connected with a chest, the blocks automatically gets saved in it.