Flourishing plains of blossoms.
A land that could have been not, but is.
Traversed by those who are lost.


A wide yellow sea of sand, turned blazing hot.
A land being consumed by the scorching sun.
Even the Oases, the only respite, are fading.

Frozen Hope

Silence only broken by the soft winds, carrying the light snow.
The icy touch slowly grasps ones heart.
Subtly it smothers the flames of fervor.

Copper Alps

In the mountains made of pride,
the sheen of gemstones be your guide.
The forge of rings and chains and tools,
the place of hubris, kings and fools.

Murky Detains

Thorned tendrils capture like a spiders net.
In muddy ground lay drowned a million creatures.
This land does not take kindly to its wanderers.


Archys once might have been full of purpose.
Now only ruins of an old idea remain.
The Architect’s dream, the Architect’s nightmare.

Crater’s Rim

Heat, force, fire, smoke and ash.
Something was caused not long ago.
The sky was shattered not far away.


Swim up towards infinity, into the sea above.
The sky is deep enough to drown.
The stars are lights never to be reached.


A cold, indifferent waste, stretching out to nowhere.
Ash and black snow falling on barren ground.
Whatever one hopes to find,
there is nothing here for those who search.

Carcass Canton

This place has long been dead.
Only its battered cast-off shell left behind.
Nothing new has sprouted from it.
This place will remain dead indefinitly.


What is behind the neat facade of consistency?
What is the messy place, where memory leaks to?
Where are the remains of dead histories?

Numeral Space

Numbers can tell you things.
Numbers can hide.
Numbers can foretell the future.
Numbers are by your side.


The line is the thing that divides,
one side from the other.
It is the maker of the simplest worlds.

Celestial Latitude

How high is the sky?
How low are the stars?
Can I reach it?
Can it reach me?