Gold Fever Magnet

Enter the world of gleaming fever.

Key of Agony

Insert it deep in your mind.

Hard Mode

Let the world flay you.


Spring Boots

Great to reach high places.
Difficult to move with.

Wing Boots

They carry you to the sky.
Jump again while in the air.

Heart Shell

It can only be used as a vessel now.


Such one as you must collect the hearts of many.


You are a creature of the night.

Ice Cream

Keeps you cool and unhealthy.

Fire Cream

Keeps you warm and unhealthy.

Ancient Blood

Blood from a time long ago.
It has traces of old secrets.


Exhausted Vitality

Spend your own lifeforce.


It is painful, but protects from harsh conditions.

Living Bottle

It can hold your life.
It can also tell you secrets.

Lifeburner Oven

The heat of burning life.


The chill of the dreadful wind.

Heartmusic Box

The soothing melody plays.
It reminds of a beating heart.

Oracle Eye

It can see things,
things that never were.

Heart’s Ambition

Your heart wants ever greater heights.

Regenerating Shell

A protective outer layer.
Every misstep is only a temporary setback.


Script of Life

The script contains knowledge to all kinds of vitality.
Its alien writing just needs to be decoded.

Nightmare Catcher

There are so many things hidden in nightmares.


You have learned to forget what has been witnessed.

cut out Eyes

The light of the world is distracting.
You can only truly see without your eyes.

Glittering Candle

Its golden light shall reveal.
But how it sparkles… fascinating.

Encased Lantern

A soul bound upon a flame,
securely sealed inside a vessel,
carried close to ones heart.

Sansmort Shards

Shards which can reflect ones fated death.
If only one knew how to use them.