About MixIsland Jumpers

Discover the marvelous, infinite sky of MixIsland – an uncountable number of floating islands, divided into various unique biomes following their own rules, awaits you.
Immerse yourself into a game inspired by everybody’s darling doodle jump, but with the tech and design of 2022. And some twists.

Flee the encroaching void rising from below and drowning the world in shadows.
Rise into the dangerous and erratic heavens and survive their harsh conditions.
Fire raining from above, a frost so cold it burns, a sky filled with radiance.
Find the secrets of the world, but beware the accumulating Terror torturing your mind.
How far will you ascend, until you inevitably succumb to the world’s many treacheries?

With every attempt, you’ll glimpse further into the grand mysteries, allowing you access to more esoteric elements.
Unlock diverse Jumpers, each with their own path to tread. Improve them with upgrades through found Secrets.
Gain entrance to ever more twisted biomes, and master traversing them.
Accomplish various challenging achievements and solve hidden mysteries.
And if your skin makes you feel unfulfilled, consider changing it.

Special features:

  • Perilous biomes
  • Vicious weathers
  • Unsettling enemies
  • Peculiar characters with unique upgrades and skins

Experience a world of wonders and horrors.

Tap to jump, and hold to jump higher.
Tilt right and left to move.