How to play

Explore a wondrous world and its mysteries.

Tap to jump, and hold to jump higher.
Tilt right and left to move.
From below, the void is slowly advancing, do not let it reach you.
Terror will build up, and as it increases, the world will get more hostile.
Survive as long a possible and get as high as you can.
As you play, the world will slowly unfold itself, unlocking more and more things.
Try to explore it fully, and find all its hidden mysteries.

During your play, you will collect secrets.
You can exchange them in the store to access new content.
Different biomes can be aquired and activated, so that you will encounter various unique regions.
Activate upgrades to change the attributes of your character.
Or unlock other characters with their own qualities.
All this will drasticly change how the game is played.

There are many challanging achievements to accomplish.
Some of them will open doors for you to new elements of the world.
Some of them require you to solve mysteries.
The accomplishment of achievements also grants you nobility, which can be used to aquire new skins for your characters or other cool stuff.

MixIsland Jumpers – Explore the Skies